Social responsibility

Our organization’s management; It accepts and confirms that the human factor is extremely important at every stage of production and management. In order to support social, environmental and economic problems that will contribute to all our stakeholders;

Prevention of Child Labor: To act in accordance with the procedures and principles of employing child and young workers and not to allow or support the employment of workers under the age of 18,

Prevention of Forced and Compulsory Labor: Not to employ any of our employees under pressure or indebtedness, and to employ all of our employees in suitable positions under equal conditions and with their own consent,

Ensuring Occupational Health and Safety: To fulfill the legal requirements for occupational health and safety of all our employees, to adopt a proactive approach based on risk analysis, to ensure the participation of all employees in occupational health and safety practices, and to offer our employees a sufficiently equipped working environment and a working system to meet their basic needs,         

Fees and Payments: To provide all our employees with wages and social rights determined within the framework of the law,

Prevention of Discrimination: When employing our employees, we base our efforts on their ability to do business; Not to discriminate against people based on language, religion, race, gender, social class, pregnancy, marital status and physical disability,

Kötü Muamele ve Tacizin Önlenmesi: Çalışanlarımıza kurumsal cezalandırma yapmamayı, kötü muamele ve tacizde bulunmamayı; çalışanlarımıza saygılı ve onurlu davranmayı,

Preventing Mistreatment and Harassment: To determine environmentally friendly policies and standards to prevent environmental pollution and protect nature and to raise awareness of our employees on this issue,

Compliance with Law and Other Obligations: To continue our activities in accordance with existing laws and regulations, the rules of our customers and business partners, and the quality management systems we voluntarily implement,

Preventing unethical bad behavior such as Gossip and Theft that will affect the peace of the workplace

It undertakes to leak internal company information.

 Prevention of Bribery: It undertakes not to accept any gifts or payments that will provide financial gain from all our employees and suppliers under any circumstances and not to make such requests and to ensure that this is understood by all employees.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining: Respects the right of our employees to join, not join or form a union without fear of reprisal, threat or harassment. In this context, Sema Plastik Kalıp undertakes to establish a constructive dialogue with the freely chosen representatives of its employees, who are represented by a legally recognized union, and to bargain within the limits of good faith.