Quality Policy

Our basic principle is to produce by adhering to the principle of Quality Management for the unconditional customer satisfaction required by the competition in the global market in the field of plastic injection mold and product manufacturing. For this;

  • To fully comply with national/international legal regulations,
  • To constantly review all our activities focused on the environment, people and nature, to reduce the negative environmental impacts, work accidents and occupational diseases arising from our activities by taking the necessary measures, to reach the highest values ​​​​with continuous improvement studies,
  • To develop and expand the awareness and responsibility of our employees through continuous training in order to make our integrated management system more efficient and effective,
  • To use our limited natural resources effectively and efficiently,
  • To ensure the reduction of waste, segregation, reuse, recycling and legal disposal of necessary ones.
  • As Sema Kalıp ve Plastik family, together with our employees and suppliers, we promise that we will not deviate from our quality policy for our world and universal values, in order to be an example to all our stakeholders.
Chairman of the Board of Directors