Sema Mould

Project Plan

Project Management aims to complete the project in the most effective way, taking into account time, cost and technical situations. Detailed planning is made with our ERP program in order to reach the determined goal of the project. In this project plan, planned and actual operations are specified separately, and this planning is updated every week along with the manufacturing drawings and shared with our customers.


We have a design team of 15 young, dynamic, experienced experts who have adopted the idea that quality molds come from perfect design. Before mold design, we perform filling analysis, cooling analysis, distortion analysis and joining analysis of the products, etc. There is the Moldflow2016 program we made, the 22-station Solidworks program to be used in mold and electrode design, and the Autocad program with which we prepared the technical drawings of the mold parts whose design was completed. There is a 3D-NativeCAD Converter program that can open data with IGS, PARASOLID(XT), SAT, VDA, STEP, DWG, DXF, STL PRT, MOD, EXP, CATPart, CATProduct extensions.


In our CAM department, the necessary operations are carried out for the processing of steels whose design has been completed, using Powermill and WorkNC programs. We shape the steel thanks to the CNC machining program prepared by our expert team.


Polishing: Adopting the effect and importance of polishing on the mold, our company shows the necessary sensitivity to the surface of the molds with its experienced staff in the manufacturing department.
Some of the machinery we use in the manufacturing department is as follows;

  •  Hermle C50 5 Axis High Speed (1.100 x 1.100 x 750)
  • Huron Kx30 High Speed (2.000 x 1.000 x 800)
  • Hartford HSA-2215 High Speed (2.200 x 1.500 x 1.000)
  • Hartford DM100 High Torque (2.200 x 1.400 x 1.100)
  • Hartford MVP13 Lineer Guide High Speed (1.300 x 700 x 530)
  • FourStar FD2132 Fixed Double Columns Machining Center (3200 x 2100 x 1100)
  • Awea BM1600 Vertical Machining Center (1.000 x 510 x 630)
  • Maple ME855 Electrode Machine Center (850 x 550 x 550)
  • Surefirst CM1065G Graphite Machine Center(1.000 x 600 x 500)
  • Microntech GD-1500 CNC Gun Drilling Center (1.500 x 1.600 x 1.000)
  • Joint deep hole drilling (2200x1300x2200)
  • Borwerk Machine XTK3010/15G-GM (3000 x 2000 x 1500)

Quality Control and Inspection

During the mold manufacturing phase, measurements of parts and electrodes are carried out, and after mold tests, samples are measured and quality controls are made. There are 2 CMM machines and Faro surface scanning for measurement.

Mold Trial & Approval Mechanism

After the manufacturing phase of the mold is completed, we carry out the trials and pre-series production in our bench park specified below. By adjusting the necessary parameters of the mold, samples of the product to be produced are presented to our customer for approval.