From Past to Present

Sema Plastik Kalıp started its activities in the field of plastic injection parts manufacturing in Sefaköy, Istanbul, in 1997. It was moved to İkitelli OSB in 2000 and started producing plastic injection molds as well as plastic injection parts production. With its determination and success in the field of mold manufacturing, it has decided to expand its fields of activity. Since 2010, it has made a name for itself by manufacturing molds and plastic products for leading white goods and automotive manufacturers in the field of plastic injection. In 2014, it moved to its new facility with a closed area of 20000 m2 in Çerkezköy – Veliköy OSB.  SEMA plastic mold, which constantly increases its customer portfolio, put its Eskişehir facility into operation in 2020. It actively continues to manufacture molds and plastic products at full capacity in both facilities.

Sema Plastic Mold is one of the leading companies with high quality production power and technical knowledge, with its qualified expert staff and modern facility. It is rapidly developing in its sectors with its experience of more than 25 years, investor spirit, innovative perspective, people-first philosophy and customer-oriented approach.

Sema sees respect for its customers, the environment and the sustainable ecosystem as a prerequisite for its success. For this; It provides a center of attraction for a skilled and expert workforce who acts with a business approach in accordance with corporate governance principles, is open to innovation, and is expert in their field.


Our organization’s management; It acknowledges and confirms that ensuring the continuity of the Integrated Management System is extremely important for the company’s employees and future strategic development plans. In this context, the company creates and continuously improves processes compatible with its strategic directions and contexts in line with its policies and objectives. In order to realize the targets and policies determined within the scope of the Integrated Management System, it aims to establish and execute a system to effectively fulfill the requirements specified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 45001 and IATF 16949. This system should be compatible with the scope and strategic direction of the organization. Sema Plastik Kalıp aims to raise awareness of its personnel and stakeholders about the Integrated Management system requirements. For this reason, it has adopted the principle of conveying the importance of customer conditions, legal conditions and regulatory requirements to the company employees and raising the awareness of the company employees about applying the Integrated Management System and ensuring that these conditions are constantly met. As Sema Plastik Kalıp company, we determine the goals of each process to achieve the intended outputs and ensure accountability by securing them. It has adopted the principle of identifying and identifying risks and opportunities that affect the suitability of products and services and the ability to increase customer satisfaction. Thus, it ensures a system focused on increasing customer satisfaction. As a result of this commitment, continuous improvement, process approach and use of risk-based thinking are supported and encouraged by providing training and infrastructure investments regarding the Integrated Management System throughout the company. Sema Plastik Kalıp has provided the necessary human, infrastructure and working environment resources and ensures their availability. While the Integrated Management System is being established, the top management ensures that the relevant management representative is appointed with an appointment letter and that the appointment is made again by revising the document when the management representative changes and/or leaves the job. Managers at management levels lead the way in giving responsibility and support to lower-level personnel regarding the Integrated Management System. It ensures that the company goes down to the lowest level with the Integrated Management System approach that starts from the upper levels and is implemented. Therefore, the managers of the company lead the lower-level staff in ensuring that they comply with the Integrated Management System procedures both verbally and in writing and participate in the work. The senior management of the organization must comply with the Integrated Management System, which has been defined, put into effect and is being implemented, both within the company and outside the company, and provide all support for its dissemination, and lead by actively participating in the activities, and allocate the resources necessary for the efficient operation of the system, ensure its effectiveness. is committed to continuous improvement and ensuring that this is understood by all employees.


Chairman of the Board