2030 Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma İçin

While implementing our strategies and practices, we carry out our activities with the understanding of continuous improvement, taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals. We determine our corporate culture and business strategies accordingly. We support the Sustainable Development Goals for our World, Our People, Our Society and Our Business Partners.

Sustainable Development Targets

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in other words the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to eliminate poverty, protect our planet and ensure that all people live in peace and prosperity. On 25 September 2015, member states of the United Nations announced 17 targets for 2030. Adopted the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

The SDGs are driven by a spirit of partnership and pragmatism, making the right choices today to sustainably improve life for future generations. It provides clear guidance and targets for all countries to adopt in accordance with their own priorities and the environmental challenges facing the world. The Sustainable Development Goals are an inclusive agenda. It gets to the root causes of poverty and unites us to make positive change for both people and our planet.

Healthy Individuals (3), Quality Education (4), Gender Equality (5), Clean Water and Hygiene (6), Accessible and Clean Energy (7), Decent Work and Economic Growth (8), Reducing Inequalities (10) , Responsible Consumption and Production (12), Climate Action (13) and Terrestrial Life (15) We continue to work in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.
Responsible Consumption and Production (12) within the scope of the target, to reduce resource use in operations by 65% ​​and increase recycling,Karasal Life (15) To reduce the emissions of Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gases by 15% within the scope of the target, Accessible and Clean Energy (7) To reduce energy use per product by 20% within the scope of the target, Clean Water and Sanitation (6) Within the scope of the target, reducing water consumption in operations by 25% Our sustainable development goals for 2030 we plan to make it happen.