Sema Plastic

Production & Shipment

Since its establishment, Sema Plastik has been one of Turkey's leading plastic injection manufacturers with its qualified expert staff and modern facility. In our company, plastic injection production is carried out with 19 injection machines between 110-2200 tons. Robotic production is supported in all our injection machines of 560 t and above.
1 adet 110 t HAITIAN
5 adet 160 t Elektrikli NEGRI BOSSI
1 adet 170 t TSP
1 adet 260 t TSP
1 adet 300 t HAITIAN
1 adet 380 t TSP
1 adet 560 t LK
1 adet 600 t HAITIAN
1 adet 800 t TSP
1 adet 850 t LK
1 adet 1000 t HAITIAN
2 adet 1080 t TSP
1 adet 1300 t LK – 3K
1 adet 2200 t TSP
It has a storage area of 10000 m² for our storage and shipping activities, and there are two overhead cranes of 20 and 50 tons and 3 forklifts. Our warehouse has a Drive-In Racking System, which allows stacking in accordance with the LIFO - FIFO method and uses rails instead of crossbars for loading, allowing stacking at different depths and heights.

Quality Control

In order to guarantee the quality standards of our production processes and ultimately the quality of the products, in addition to Quality functions, units that support the production function such as Project and Planning and all units of the facility are also included in the quality processes. For this reason, quality is a concept that forms the basis of production conditions for Sema Plastik. In our Çerkezköy facility, which is equipped with modern production and control technology and equipment, the fluidity value of the raw materials to be used are recorded by measuring the MFI, the ash amount with the muffle furnace and the masterbach humidity value with the humidity device on a lot basis. During the production process, measurements of our products are made at certain intervals, as specified in the technical drawing and in accordance with customer special requests. Based on our system principle for success in quality, our production and control operations are carried out in accordance with the international ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and ISO/TS 16949:2009 rules.


Sema Kalıp continues its R&D activities in accordance with its vision of becoming a leader in mold and plastic technologies in Turkey and the nearby geography, in order to offer innovative solutions to its customers through the research, development and commercialization of new generation technologies. In line with this vision, Sema Kalıp established the R&D Center in 2017 in order to carry out research and development activities more efficiently and effectively. Following the Sema Kalıp, Sema WOOD and Sema Deck brands, all R&D activities in these companies were combined under the umbrella of the Sema Kalıp R&D Center, which was established in May 2017. In order to develop innovative products and services, to develop innovative systems that will enable production operations to be carried out more efficiently and effectively, to expand the patent portfolio of Sema Kalıp Group, to research molds and plastics and advanced technologies that may affect the group activities, to develop prototypes and to contribute to the adoption of these technologies, R&D activities are shaped in line with the following strategies: Following future technologies, creating knowledge and carrying out prototype studies Developing innovative products, services and solutions using emerging technologies Providing effective, innovative solutions to problems encountered within the company Developing and applying for patents within the scope of R&D collaborations and activities, supporting scientific publications Establishing close relationships with universities and supporting open innovation, Working with SME R&D partners, developing prototypes that can be transformed into innovative products and services and supporting the productization/commercialization phase. Conducting advanced research studies by participating in multinational research projects, Carrying out publicly supported (TEYDEB) projects Increasing the employment of qualified workforce and supporting academic careers and scientific activities aimed at improving the personal, professional and technical knowledge of employees.