Our Environment and FSC Policy

To comply with the Environmental Law No. 2872 and the regulations published based on it in order to protect our environment and ensure its continuity. Thus, to ensure continuous improvement of our environmental performance by keeping environmental impacts under control and reducing them. With this awareness, to leave a clean, livable environment to future generations by carrying out all product production activities with operational business excellence.

For this;

  • National/International legal regulations must be fully complied with.
  • All our environmentally and human-oriented activities should be constantly reviewed. In order to minimize the negative environmental impacts arising from our activities, necessary measures should be taken and continuous improvement efforts should be made in our environmental management system.
  • Within the framework of technical and economic possibilities, natural resources should be protected by using appropriate technologies that cause the least harm to the environment and reducing the use of raw materials.
  • Environmental impacts should be taken into account in facility and process design.
  • Our limited natural resources should be used effectively and efficiently.
  • Reducing waste, separating it, reusing it, recycling it, and legal disposal of what is necessary should be ensured.
  • All our employees should be made aware of their responsibilities towards the environment and their participation should be ensured.
  • Health, safety and environmental integrity should be established by reducing the risks of emergencies that may occur within the framework of occupational health and safety rules.
  • Our environmental practices should reach the highest values ​​through continuous improvement efforts, taking into account technological developments, social needs, supplier needs and customer expectations.
  • According to the FSC-COC system implemented by our company, illegal logging, illegal trade of trees or forest products, violation of regional rules and human rights and destruction of environmental protection values ​​during forestry activities, non-forest use or plantation of forests, releasing genetically modified organisms during forestry activities and ILO is not directly or indirectly involved in the violation of the rules.

Our environmental and FSC policy will only work perfectly when we work together with our customers, employees and suppliers. As Sema Kalıp ve Plastik family, we promise that we will not deviate from our environment and FSC policy for our world and universal values ​​in order to be an example to all our stakeholders.