1997 Establishment of Sema Plastik Kalıp

Sema Plastik Kalıp, with its commercial title, Sema Plastik Kalıp ve Makine Sanayi ve  Limited Şirketi was established in 1997 to produce plastic parts for the white goods sector in Ikitelli.

2001 First mold production to Arçelik

In 2001, parallel to economic developments in Turkey Sema Plastic Mold, mold production is concentrated held its first mold manufacturing Arçelik.

2004 First mold production in BSH

Sema Plastik Kalıp has developed its customer portfolio in mold production and realized the first mold production in BSH.

2006 First mold production for the automotive sector

Sema Plastik Mold has realized the first mold production in the automotive sector as well as the white goods sector with the technical knowledge and technological sufficiency used in mold production.

2007 To step into the pharmaceutical sector and establish a factory in Beylikdüzü

Sema Plastik Kalıp started to manufacture plastic tubes and caps in Neutec from the generic and innovative companies of the pharmaceutical industry in 2007 in Beylikdüzü (covered area of 5000 m 2).

2012 WPC product started AR-GE works

Mold and bring that knowledge with years of experience in the plastic injection molding industry and we are completely our own design and patented in Turkey WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) product of our AR-GE work has begun. In 2013, an investment of € 1,700,000 was made for AR-GE work.

2014 Moving the factory in Beylikdüzü to Veliköy

Due to increased production volume and diversified product range, a factory was established in Veliköy with a covered area of 20000 m2.

2015 BSH’s first plastic parts production

Polycarbon material used in drawer and flap products of BSHA-Cool factory has been changed to tritan raw material due to prohibition of food contact suitability. During the transition, Sema Plastik Kalıp ‘ın in mold revisions showed the solutions and customer-oriented plastic injection production of parts due to the Sema Plastic Mold was given. In 2016 BSH has also been an approved supplier for the production of plastic parts.

2016 Start of business cooperation with HT Kalıp

2011 yılından beri plastik enjeksiyon kalıp imalat sektöründe uzman kadrosuyla hizmet veren HT KALIP ile Ortak Girişim kurulmuştur.